Beijing Opera Series


At the end of 2017 I started studying Mandarin, I was always in love with the beauty of writing, during classes I watched several videos about the culture and history of China.

  One of the videos  caught my attention, it was  a performance of Peking Opera, not by interpretation, I thought  monotonous and  too weird,  but these characters really caught my attention, they had so much  richness of details in your clothes in the accessories of  head in makeup.

And as nothing goes unnoticed, I wanted to know more.

I did a brief research on the history of Peking Opera, in Chinese it is pronounced Jīngjù  is a way of  traditional chinese theater  that matches  song,  vocal performance,  mimicry,  dance  and  stunt. It emerged in the final years of the  XVIII century  and became fully developed and recognized in the middle of the  XIX century.  The format became extremely popular in the court of  Qing Dynasty  and came to be considered one of the cultural treasures of the  China.

     Those Peking Opera characters brought me inspiration  and so I started  a reread, for  to create  characters  with a theatrical impact  was  a long process of combining carefully selected photographs,  sketches and illustrations, are fragments that are manipulated, modified and little by little composing the work, when using these fragments I try to give  to  I work with a sense of realism, although the themes are far from realistic.